1. Merchandise will not be accepted or credit issued without prior written request for return authorization.
Such request must contain the following information:
a. Reason for return.
b. Type of merchandise to be returned, including model and serial number.
2. Only new, unused merchandise, in the original, unopened, shipping carton will be considered for return.
3. Credit will be issued based on condition of merchandise and circumstances causing return.
4. A 25% restocking charge will be applied before credit is issued.
5. Returned merchandise must be freight prepaid.
6. Products that have been installed (not covered by warranty) may not be returned.

Freight Policy

1. Immediately upon delivery to a public freight carrier, SwampCoolersOnline’s liability for safe delivery shall cease and any subsequent claim for damage shall be filed by the purchaser with the delivering freight carrier. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to collect for any damage, repairs or replacement, directly from the freight carrier. Damage claims with a freight company can take 30 days or longer to collect.

2. It is strongly recommended when merchandise is received and the shipping carton shows evidence of mishandling, the receiving party should have the delivery person sign the freight bill verifying possible damage. This is significant when making a damage claim with the carrier. The purchaser should call the carrier immediately and request an inspection by a carrier representative. The inspection report, along with photos, purchase invoice, and any other necessary documentation, should accompany any damage claim filed with the carrier.

3. It is suggested that all received merchandise be immediately inspected for damage regardless of whether the carton shows evidence of mishandling or not. If concealed damage is present, the purchaser should call the carrier immediately and request an inspection by a carrier representative. Regulations regarding concealed damage require that the damage claim be filed with the carrier within a specified period of time. The inspection report, along with photos, purchase invoice, and any other necessary documentation, should accompany any damage claim filed with the carrier.


SwampCoolersOnline offers various evaporative cooling equipment and parts for sale. Installation and service of any products purchased from this site should be done by qualified personnel only. Improper installation is the primary cause for operating problems associated with any of the products we offer. Installation and operating manuals are supplied with all products purchased.


SwampCoolersOnline is not authorized, and does not make, any warranties on behalf of the MANUFACTURER for ANY product offered on this site.

SwampCoolersOnine will provide you, the purchaser, with the warranty coverage, if any, as provided by the MANUFACTURER of any product purchased on this site.

SwampCoolersOnline shall not provide any warranty coverage that is beyond the coverage available from the MANUFACTURER of the product.




This Warranty does not cover any labor expenses for service, nor for removing or reinstalling parts. Also shipping expenses for warranty part to the customer and defective part returned from the customer is not covered. All such expenses are the purchasers responsibility.


To damage incurred in shipping

K SwampCoolersOnline sells only new and unused products. The purchaser is responsible to make and collect for any product damage claims to the freight companies or delivering carriers.

To damage from abuse, accident, fire, flood and the like.

To defects or malfunctions resulting from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the unit in accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions.

To parts used in connection with normal maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing pad media.

To units which are not installed in the United States of America.

To units that are not installed in accordance with applicable local codes, ordinances and good trade practices.

To defects or damage caused by the use of any attachment, accessory or component not authorized by the manufacturer.


The PURCHASER is responsible for the shipping cost of warranty replacement parts from the manufacturer of your product. The Purchaser is also responsible for any shipping cost of returning the failed part to the distributor.


The information (including the advice and recommendations) on this site and by SwampCoolersOnline, are intended solely as a general educational aid and are not a substitute for professional advice and services from a building professional. Neither SwampCoolersOnline nor its suppliers are acting as your general contractor, agent or lawyer. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with all local building codes, safety regulations and other applicable laws and regulations. Building codes may vary by region, site or structure of the project. Building conditions and safety regulations will vary depending on the particular project and your skill level. SwampCoolersOnline and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any consequence of any action or inaction you take based on the information, services or other material on this site.