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Sizing An Evaporative Cooler


Sizing a Residential Cooler:

Follow the steps below to properly size your residential cooler.

1. Consult area zone map to find correct zone

2. Consult table to find correct "Minutes per Air Change" for your zone.

3. Determine area to be cooled in cubic feet (building length x width x height).

4. Divide cubic feet (step 3) by minutes per air change (step 2) to determine Cooling Feet per Minute (CFM).

5. Refer to the Specification Charts in the cooler brochure for the units CFM ratings and expected static press to select a cooler model. If CFM falls between models, choose the larger model.

Graphic: Minutes Per Air Change Chart

*Interior Heat Load: High means places with unusual heat sources from hot equipment or processes, crowded conditions, etc. Normal means no unusual heat sources - typical home or office.

*Exterior Heat Load: Exposed means walls, roof exposed to sun, poor insulations, etc. Insulated means walls and roof well insulated and/or shaded.

Example - A house in Bakersfield, CA, 40 feet long by 30 feet wide with 8-foot ceiling. Well insulated, no unusual heat sources.

1. 30 x 40 x 8 = 9,600 cubic feet
2. Zone 2
3. Minutes per Air Change = 3
4. 9,600 (divide by sign) 3 = 3,200 CFM
5. Referring to the CFM inside the Champion Residential brochure, cooler model 4001DD with a ½ h.p. motor is indicated, assuming a typical static press of 0.2".